Airline regulations to protect consumers begin Thursday

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - No more hidden fees for airline tickets! Federal Consumer Protections went into effect Thursday, requiring airlines to disclose all those extra charges. It's intended to make the cost to you more transparent.

In the past, airlines have charged more than the advertised price for taxes or checking a bag.

"I know my parents who usually use cash - they think they're getting a flight for a certain amount and then after I look into it for them, they're paying baggage fees, tax, airport fees, and they're kind of surprised," Glen Swazey, a traveler, told us.

"You know, an extra $35, $50 is a lot of money these days," added Diana Rodriguez.

Thanks to new regulations, when you buy that ticket now, you should see exactly how much your trip will cost you from the beginning to the end.

"It has the price of the ticket and within the ticket it actually has the price of the baggage fees," said Stephanie Goff with AAA. "Some airlines are directing you to a link to the baggage information."

It's information meant to save consumers from the frustration of unseen costs.

"I think it's good rules," said Swazey. "I think you should be able to see exactly what you're paying for before you give them your credit card or check or money."

"I think it could strengthen the airline's reputation and the relationship between travelers and airlines because now they'll know everything up front as opposed to maybe being angered when they get to the airport and find out they weren't aware about baggage fees and other potential hidden costs," Goff explained.

Airlines will also have to give you 24 hours to change your flight without a fee. And if they change your flight schedule, they owe you at least 30 minutes notice.

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