Morgan Harrington's parents mark difficult anniversary

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (WWBT) - The killer will strike again! That message today on the second anniversary of the discovery of Morgan Harrington's skeletal remains. Dan and Gil Harrington visited Charlottesville to urge witnesses to speak up!

It was at Anchorage Farm, a farmer made that gruesome discovery of Morgan's remains. Two years later the Harringtons said the FBI is giving the case a fresh look. A difficult anniversary, but one that holds promise.

At the Copeley Road bridge, where Morgan was last seen alive, a stern message to her killer, through a poem.

"Morgan I re'con a reckoning is due, Morgan he'll pay for killing you," said Gil Harrington.

Two years ago, the Harringtons retraced Morgan's last steps on Anchorage Farm.

On this day, there's some frustration and fear.

"This is obviously a clever individual. It took four years from the rape to Morgan's death. It's now been two years. At some point he will strike again," said Dan Harrington.

But the Harringtons have been reassured the case will be solved. The two met Monday with the new lieutenant and captain now working with the lead investigator.

"They've been working with the FBI in recent months to continue to look at various aspects of this case that may need to be revisited," said Dan Harrington.

Since last summer, the Harrington's friends have been passing around in Charlottesville anonymous tip postcards addressed to the lead detective to help generate new leads. They plan to branch out to northern Virginia at a site of a key clue.

Kenny Jarels will bring the postcards to Fairfax in March--- the scene of a 2005 abduction and rape case. DNA linked the man in this sketch to Morgan's death.

"We're not trying to be detectives. We're just trying to keep the word out," said Jarels.

The Harringtons firmly believe it's someone who knows the Anchorage farm area. State police said tips are still coming in.

As they wait for answers, Dan and Gil work to bring awareness about other missing girls to spare their families the same grief.

"The death of Morgan is tragic to us but the not knowing was horrible," said Dan Harrington.

If you know anything about Morgan's disappearance and death, call state police at 434-352-3467.

A more than $150,000 reward remains on the table for information that puts Morgan's killer behind bars.

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