Search warrants reveal new details

Da'von Byars
Da'von Byars

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) - NBC12 has learned new information on what investigators said happened moments before a Hanover teen was shot to death last weekend. A search warrant affidavit for one of the suspect's homes has a wealth of information from victim and witness statements about exactly what went down inside 16-year-old Brett Wells' Hanover home the night he died.

The documents reveal there may have been two shooters in what's described as a drug deal gone bad.

A cell phone call interrupting a game of pool with friends started a chain of events that would ultimately claim Atlee sophomore Brett Wells' life and leave his friend suffering from a gunshot wound. According to witness statements minutes after that call, two black men  - one tall, one short -- arrived at the house on Verdi Lane to buy marijuana from Wells. The taller man would later be identified as Da'von Byars.

Documents reveal the 16-year-old took the two men to his bedroom, while his friends went outside. They told police they heard cursing, yelling and a gunshot. When one witness followed the suspects out of the house, he said a shorter black man shot him in the hand. Another friend went back into the home to find Wells lying on the floor next to the pool table. He said there was a lock box with bags of marijuana nearby.

Authorities executed a search warrant on the Mechanicsville Turnpike home of suspect Da'von Byars. Inside they found a gun and a magazine with 9mm ammunition. The same type of bullet casing was found near the body of Wells. Inside they also confiscated a coat, which one witness identified as being worn by a gun-wielding suspect.

That girl told police she heard a single gunshot and after a photo lineup, identified Byars as the person she saw running from the residence with a gun in his hand.

While the investigation is on-going, witness statements in the affidavit point to Da'von Byars as the one who fired the fatal shot.

Byars and two other teens have been arrested on multiple charges including first degree murder and are being held in Pamunkey Regional Jail.

We will not know what evidence authorities took from the murder scene for quite some time, as they had permission to search the home and no warrant is on file.

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