Trash piles up at Woodland Cemetery

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Some people are making a big stink about a lot of trash being dumped on the property of a cemetery in Henrico. The manager of Woodland Cemetery off Magnolia Road says he has no idea where it's coming from, but the county wants him to remove it.

The trouble is, it's an expensive task. As trash piles up on one of the hills surrounding Woodland Cemetery, so do the complaints. Mountains of litter and a large amount of tires have collected over time.

Cemetery Manager, Isaiah Entzminger, says he first noticed this avalanche of trash in the summer. Hey says Henrico County officials told him to remove it last month. He hasn't because he says it will cost him thousands of dollars to do it.

"If the county is going to bill me, I hope they pay the bill," said Entzminger.

Entzminger says a nearby business has complained about the eye sore, but he says it's not all that bad right now.

"That's not a whole of trash out there," Entzminger noted. "Have you looked at it?"

He says he does agree illegal dumping around the cemetery has always been a problem in the 30 years he's worked here.

"I don't know….don't dump here," Entzminger added. "Is that what I'm going to say? It's not going to stop anything."

The area is industrial and secluded, with no houses around and few visible businesses. Entzminger says he does plan on eventually removing the trash piled up on the hillside.

As cardboard, trash bags and food boxes line the road along the cemetery, the manager urges people to stop the illegal dumping.

"I want to stop it and I feel badly about it," Entzminger added.

The cemetery owner did say that the city comes by to pick up trash here since Magnolia Road is in Richmond. Henrico County officials say they cannot comment on the ongoing investigation, and they could not give us timeline on when they could.

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