New information on burglary suspect arrests

Benjamin Heslep and Michele Rintoul
Benjamin Heslep and Michele Rintoul

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - New information on the pair arrested for several home burglaries in Henrico's Tuckahoe neighborhood.

Sources tell us that the two arrested, Benjamin Heslep and Michele Rintoul, were caught because of a keen homeowner who was armed with just a pen and paper.

The two are connected to at least four burglaries in the Tuckahoe neighborhood and more charges are likely.

The damage is still fresh in the minds of the victims: a boarded up window and shattered glass on the ground. It's all evidence of the crime that victimized people in Henrico's Tuckahoe neighborhood for nearly two months.

A source says the couple was about to hit another home, when the homeowner surprised them and scared them off. He wrote down a license plate number, called police and helped break the case.

"It's kind of scary that someone can come into your house, steal your stuff when nobody is there," said Debbie Echols.

She knows all too well how important it is to watch what's going on in your neighborhood. She too helped catch a burglar in the act, near her Henrico home just last week.

Oddly enough, Debbie was actually in the bathroom, on her toilet, when she heard something. Then, she looked outside and saw the crime go down.

"Heard a bang and a bang! The whole back door fell in. He dove in and I said, okay, I need to get my phone and called 911," said Debbie.

Minutes later -- police surrounded her neighbor's home. Police told Debbie -- the person responsible was put in cuffs. Officers told her they were thankful for her watchful eye.

"My kids are like, you're a star! And, I'm like no, I'm not. Because anyone would have done it. To me, if you see someone banging someone's door in and it falls in, you have to call 911," added Debbie.

Problem is -- not everyone is like Debbie. But all it takes is someone willing to get involved to help police get results.

Late on Tuesday night, we confirmed that the burglars that Debbie caught were not connected to the case in the West End.

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