Couple calls 12 about wrong traffic tickets

The Richmond couple got burned one time, too many by traffic enforcement cameras in D.C. So they called 12 on Your Side for help convincing police in Washington that the speeding car caught on camera -- doesn't belong to them.

They got 5 photo enforced tickets for speeding through radar in D.C. They contested each one and finally got assurances the problem was resolved. But those tickets kept coming as recently as Saturday.

There's always controversy over photo tickets. While D.C. police are convinced photo radar slows drivers down and reduces crashes, the only thing worse than getting a photo ticket is getting five of them and they all belong to someone else.

"It's so obvious that it's not our vehicle. I don't know what they do in Washington D.C. as far as check and investigate," said Annis Blair. "This photograph was taken as the car pass through. That's not me. I've had this license plate on my van 12 years."

D.M.V. issued the same license plate number to, two different people. But look closely and you clearly see a slight but significant difference, besides the fact that the car models are totally different. The lead foot driver zipping through radar in D.C. has a Handicap emblem. The tickets are continuously being sent to the wrong address.

"I sent them a photograph of my van with this license plate on it and a copy of my registration from DMV. This is a Volkswagen. I don't know what year it is. It's the same numbers but I don't have a handicap plate," he said.

The couple says, D.C. DMV and the police suggested they get a new license plate, even though they had this one for years. But, they did, and the photo tickets haven' stopped.

"It says, my vehicle according to this license number, was speeding 11 to 15 miles over the speed limit," Blair showed us.

D.C. photo tickets are not added to your driver's record and they are not reported to your insurance company. But, who wants to keep getting traffic infractions that clearly belong to someone else.

"I don't think they should have the wrong number. I think that's where the confusion came," he said.

In addition to all inquiries the couple made over several months, I also called starting yesterday. By this afternoon, I got confirmation from D.C. officials that all tickets have been dismissed and the couple will get a letter this week.

The couple also got a call telling them that they've been exonerated and if they get anymore tickets, they have the name of a person to mail them to. It seems there was a glitch. The outside company mailing the tickets apparently did not get the all clear.

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