Woman nominates scoutmaster

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) - Seasoned Scoutmaster Bob Tucker says his troops use the flint and steel in wet weather and on camping trips of which he's taken a few  over the years.

SABRINA: "How long have you been doing this?"
BOB: "37 years."
SABRINA: "You've been a scoutmaster 37 years. What is so rewarding?
BOB: "Watching the kids grow up. I've got boys in the troop now; their dads were in my troop when they were kids."

Tucker has worked with several troops guiding as many as 3,000 scouts, helping hundreds soar to become eagles.

He meets weekly at Sandston's American Legion with about 20 members of Troop 529.

"With pre teen and teenagers, my son included, it takes a strong person to deal with that many of them," said Shannon. "They all look up to him."

Troop mom Shannon Brittlon says Bob makes the boys believe in themselves.

SHANNON: "For them to be all they can be, to be leaders, to never think there's nothing they can't do."
SABRINA: "What made you decide I want to nominate the scoutmaster?"
SHANNON: "It's just how much he does for everyone. If one of the kids needs transportation, the parents are working, he says meet me at the sidewalk, I'll be there to pick you up. If the boys need something, if the boys can't afford it, if they need a piece of his uniform, he'll take it out of his pocket. He'll go that far."

Now Shannon wants to pay it forward with $300.

"I hope it means he realizes just how much everyone really does care and see how much he does for our children," she said.

The plan is to surprise Bob at his Mechanicsville jobsite

"He doesn't know. Oh, he does not know. This is going to be a total surprise," said Shannon.

Sure enough when we walk into RE Michel, Branch Manager Bob is on a sales call. Bob was pretty...well ...speechless as his troop mom explained:

SHANNON: "For all that you do for Aaron and all the rest of the boys and we would like to present you with $300. $100, $200, $300.
BOB: "You know where this is going don't you? Back in the troop accounts."

Bob's putting the cash where his heart is, with Troop 529, it'll help after thieves staged a recent break in of the scout's storage trailer.

"I go to thrift stores and stuff like that, I'll by used uniforms, sleeping bags, tents, put them in the trailer, kid need something we've got it on hand ready for them," Bob explained.

This troop leader wants to be prepared for more camping trips and several more years of scouting.

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