Coupon Swap

Tiffany Cutts is a probation officer by day and a frugal blogger by night.

"I was exchanging coupons by mail with a few of my readers and I noticed a lot of people were asking for certain coupons," she said.

So Tiffany started a coupon swap. Every few weeks she invites the public to local libraries to enhance their coupon stash.

"People bring coupons that the don't want and exchange for ones that they need; baking, bread, breakfast items, candy, frozen foods, meats," said Tiffany.

They are clearly categorized, making it simple to find what you are looking for.

"Pet coupons, cleaning, rentals, dishwashing, hair care, first aid makeup," Tiffany showed us.

I cut hundreds of coupons every week, but there are certain items I just don't buy, no matter how valuable the coupon is. I can take my unwanted coupons to the swap so someone else can reap the benefit, plus pick up a few extras for products I really need.

Jennifer Northen has been couponing for years and loves the idea of saving more money.

"I brought coupons for things I cut out that I knew I wouldn't use, so hopefully someone can use them, but I got a lot of coupons I probably wouldn't get because I don't get all the circulars," said Jennifer.

Helen Poore is a devout reader of Tiffany's blog and has been a coupon user most of her life.

"It helps to save money and I usually get all my toothpaste and gum free," added Helen.

There's no limit on the number of coupons you can take.

"Some people are amazed when they see a whole bunch of coupons that they are looking for, they're really excited because they've had a hard time looking for them and to see a whole bunch of them there, it's like gold to them," Tiffany said.

If you are looking for particular coupons or have some to trade, the next swap is this Monday, January 23rd at the Twin Hickory Library Glen Allen. The event runs from six until eight.

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