NBC12 Viewpoint: The Power of a Word!

By Kym Grinnage email

This topic has been on my mind, but I think little Madison Johnson, from Lake Charles Louisiana says it best.

Hi, I'm Madison Johnson and I'm 9 years old.

"Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me." As a nine year old this is a phrase I have heard  several times on the playground at my local elementary school.

I think that the famous quote should say. " Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names and words will hurt me. " Name-calling, sarcasm, insults, and negative words all will carry a sting of their own.  Sometimes this sting is long lasting .

Studies show that over 70% of people today have low self esteem because while growing up they heard negative words spoken over them.

My cousin Jade remembers the day that her 3rd grade teacher said that when she laughed she sounded like a hyena. Because of what her teacher said that day she didn't laugh out loud until the end of her teenage years. The power of a word.

Our words have the power to make a person feel like something or make them feel like nothing. Our words when spoken positively can have a life changing effect on other.  The power of a word.

I challenge you to begin to use your words wisely, choose to build others up and not tear them down, speak words of life over your friends , families, loved ones.  This world can be a better place using the power of a word.

Thank you.