Crooks targeting homes in broad daylight

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - We are tracking some bold criminals that are targeting homes in the middle of the day. There have been 5 break-ins in the past 2 weeks alone in the Deer Run neighborhood.

A victim provided us a picture -- showing you some of the damage. The thieves ended up breaking right through the window on his French doors.

Just down the block is a similar scene: Blocks of wood nailed to the door the crooks broke through.

Two visual stories of the five recent break-ins, happening along Whirlaway Drive and the surrounding area in Deer Run.

Five families are now scared for their lives. "It makes you scared to be in your own home and you have to set your alarm even when you are here during the day," said one victim.

Chesterfield Police say the crimes are all happening during the day when no one is home. In several of the crimes, the burglars are breaking in through the back or side door.

The common theme is that the burglars are taking electronics and lots of them. In one home alone, nearly $4,500 of electronics is now missing.

So, now the community is fighting back. "We have to do something to make it stop or catch whoever is doing it," one victim stated.

She already put up these security cameras outside of her home, closely monitoring everything going on. "Hopefully, they don't ever come back. But, if they do, we'll get them on camera."

Another victim tells us he is about to install an alarm system. Other neighbors are keeping a close eye out for anything suspicious. Everyone is thinking of starting up a neighborhood watch, just for their own peace of mind.

Police tell us it's possible the same suspects are responsible for the 5 break-ins.

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