Woman gets money back

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – 12 On Your Side helped a senior citizen get $100 back from Suntrust 2days ago. Maybe you saw her story. Mary Johnson called 12 after, she says, the teller passed her a phony one hundred dollar bill. We didn't know for sure if she was told by the bank that the counterfeit bill would be replaced with a real one, but Mary Johnson knows now - and she's very happy.

"I'm glad. I'm happy that I got Channel 12 on my side," Mary said.

Mary Johnson is all smiles now. We caught up with her today. We were there, when Mary walked out of Suntrust, 1801 West Broad. The manger wrote her a check for one hundred dollars replacing a counterfeit bill.

"I told them I don't want your checks. Give me all $20 and let me see your marker," said Mary.

Mary says she wrote 7 different agencies, including the B.B.B, the Comptroller of Currency, and then she called 12 for help, because no one else would. She believes the bogus bill was passed to her when she cashed her social security check, the day after New Year. She withdrew eight, one hundred dollar bills. The fake bill was discovered when Mary tried to make a deposit at a Wells Fargo bank.

"She said, 'Ms. Johnson, we only can deposit $700.' I said 'what are you talking about?' She said 'because one of your bills a counterfeit,'" Mary told us.

The whole transaction was unsettling Mary says. She ended up calling the police on herself. Four officers showed up. The Suntrust bank manager confiscated the counterfeit and made it clear; the bank was not taking the loss.

"It's not right. I get a social security check. I can't afford to lose a hundred dollars," she said.

I called Suntrust and the Secret Service. Suntrust declined to comment on camera. It emailed a statement that said "Our frontline teammates are trained in identifying counterfeit money ... While we typically don't exchange bills that have been out of our possession, we have chosen to make an exception, and will make our client whole."

"Channel 12 came and listened to my story. Then they called me back I think it was two days later and told me I would get my money after I was on TV. I said, 'Thank you Jesus,'" said Mary.

Mary tells me the Suntrust bank manager left her a message after my story aired Tuesday. She says no one apologized but, she's glad to have her money.

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