Homecoming celebration at Fort Lee

FORT LEE, VA (WWBT) – Lots of hugs, kisses, and laughter today during a homecoming celebration at Fort Lee. Troops with the 530th Combat Support Sustainment Battalion are now back at home with family and friends.

One unit, one mission, one reunion...

"Hi baby! Mommy's baby. Look how big you got."

At last -- together again...

Nicole: "How does that hug feel dad?"
Major Torrance Cleveland: "It's priceless. No better feeling… No better feeling."

Dads reunite with daughters, husbands with wives. After his 5th deployment, Staff Sgt. Richard Stephenson is ready to relax.

"I want to get out of here and have time for myself," he said.

His mother doesn't want to let him go, now that he's home.

Nicole: "Mom you look real proud right now. What are you thinking?"
Angela Stephenson: "I am -- I'm really excited to see him. How tall he's gotten! I look like a midget next to him."

These soldiers spent 11 months in Afghanistan supporting Operation Enduring Freedom.

"What we do is protect the future," said Major Cleveland.

In Major Cleveland's future is time with his baby girl.

Cleveland's Daughter: "Daddy I want to go to the park."
Major Cleveland: "You want to go to the park?"
Cleveland's Daughter: "Yeah, after dinner."
Major Cleveland: "Okay! Sounds perfect!"

Eight year old Emily Schnabel may have put it best…"I think it's going to be a great day to reunite our family."

A great day…indeed.

Several families I met at the homecoming celebration tell me they plan on having welcome home parties at home with more friends and family. The group gave logistic support to U.S. coalition forces while deployed.

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