Coalition aims to offer affordable health insurance

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - When it comes to health care, it's something we all need. We don't always like to pay for it. One group is introducing a new coalition to give people an option to offer more affordable health care.

The new partnership is set to provide an option for people seeking affordable health care. Virginia Consumer Voices for Health Care is teaming up with six other organizations to make this possible

"The majority of Virginians believe they should have access to quality health care and that's really heartening," said Virginia Consumer Voices Director, Kathy May.

This new plan would also give small businesses and individuals equal or greater resources than larger employers. VCV Coordinator, Jay Ford, says the ability to shop around for the best provider will also present a clear description of all plans available through the marketplace.

"Consumers know what their major benefits are," said Ford. "They know what their co-pays and deductibles will be. That way they can make informed decisions that help Virginia families save dollars at the end of the day."

Roughly one million Virginians are uninsured today. Ford says sometimes the resources just aren't there. The VCV wants to make sure everyone has an equal chance in obtaining affordable health coverage no matter what their situation may be.

"We're going to be working really hard to organize these communities and bring them into the process," Ford added.

According to an AARP study, a majority of people believe all Virginians should have access to affordable, and quality health care. Almost half agreed they want consumers or consumer advocates on the governing board calling the shots. Not insurance companies. AARP is also a partner in the coalition. It's leverage the coalition says it can use to save Virginia families money on health insurance.

The Affordable Care Act requires that states set up exchanges by January of 2014. That means the coalition needs to have everything in place by next year. It could be a tough deadline as it receives resistance from the governor's office.

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