Ring Dog Rescue

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – It's the regular morning power walk for a pack of pit bull friends and their volunteer foster parents of Ring Dog Rescue.

"A lot of rescue groups don't take them," said Tonya Irizarry, founder of Ring Dog Rescue. "We take the medical problems that nobody else wants to take. We officially became incorporated in 2007 and we've been going strong ever since, we increase our adoptions every year and we have placed over 600 pitbull type dogs into loving forever homes."

One of those homes was Chrystall Marshall's who tells me she found her perfect match on Ring Dog's website.

"I found Tiger online and it was love at first sight," Chrystall said. "They're giving dogs that may not have a chance another chance to be with a family."

Chrystall's family is quickly expanding they've adopted two pitbulls through Ring Dog.

"We have two new babies, we have four dogs. They just brought a lot of joy to my husband Jason and my life," she said.

Chrystall is a now proud promoter of Ring Dog.

CHRYSTALL: "They're awesome, they save lives. They're doing a great job and I really do believe in what they're doing."
SABRINA: "Ok, well we're excited you've convinced us, here's is $100, $200, $300; hopefully we can save more babies."

Chrystall set up a meeting at the Stein Mart Shopping Center with the founder of Ring Dog. The two friends planned a lunch date. But first she asked Tonya to check out something at the nearby pet store...where were waiting cameras rolling.

CHRYSTALL: "We're not actually…"
TONYA: "Ha, I know who you are!"
SABRINA: "And I know a lot about you."
TONYA: "Alright!"
SABRINA: "Did you know you're Channel 12's Act of Kindness recipient?"
TONYA: "Oh my gosh! Hey thank you."
CHRYSTALL: "You're welcome."
SABRINA: "Your friend Chrystall says you changed her life."
TONYA: "Yeah I made her a dog hoarder. (Laugh)"
SABRINA: "A dog what?"
TONYA: "Hoarder."
CHRYSTALL: "Let's clarify that."
TONYA: "No, she started with just one; she's gotten a couple more since she's known me."
CHRYSTALL: "Thank you so much for giving me my babies, thank you for everything, what you do is very important."

Tonya's laughter gives way to tears...of joy.

CHRYSTALL: "Alright, well for all your hard work…"
TONYA: "Oh wow!"
CHRYSTALL: "…and four all the dogs, open your hand up. $100, $200, $300."
TONYA: "Awesome! This is gonna go straight to Ring Dog Rescue."

"Last year we spent $75,000 in expenses," Tonya said. "We do all of the medical, spay and neuter, vaccinate, microchip every dog."

SABRINA: "She wasn't sure how you'd take this surprise."
TONYA: "Yeah I don't think I've ever had one quite like this before."
CHRYSTALL: "They've made me happy, so I hope I've made her happy."
TONYA: "Thank you, thank you very much, thank you Chrystall!"
CHRYSTALL: "You're welcome!"

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