Richmond fires head of Juvenile Detention Center

The City fired the Superintendent of the Richmond Juvenile Detention Center Tuesday, amid complaints from the NAACP and being placed on probation by the Virginia State Board of Juvenile Justice.

The City announced Dianne Gadow was relieved of her duties effective January 16 and named Jack Scott, Executive Director of the Crater Youth Commission in Petersburg, as interim superintendent.

"Our aim is to get the Center in order quickly. We want to end our probation as soon as possible and provide the proper care for those in need of services," said Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones in a press release. "Leadership and management are responsible for getting the Center back on track. We have made the necessary changes for that to be accomplished."

The NAACP and Office of Inspector General both raised safety concerns and an investigation found malfunctioning locks and security cameras. They City says it has begun mandatory retraining and is addressing building repairs and maintenance needs.

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