FEMA deadline for earthquake aid approaching

MINERAL, VA (WWBT) – It's been nearly 5 months since a 5.8 magnitude quake rocked central Virginia. And to date, not much has been fixed in some of the areas hit hardest by the shaking. So far, FEMA's had to dole out 25.2 million dollars.

The slow pace of sleepy Mineral is evident, even in the earthquake cleanup. Five months after the rattling and rolling -- not much has been fixed. Chimneys are bandaged; tarps still cover holes and scaffolding practically an extension of Mineral roofs.

"I had a couple chimneys that took a right bad hit inside the house a lot of plaster damage. No foundation damage," said Lewis Keller whose home was damaged in the quake.

The town is still shaking from aftershocks... and not many people are in a rush to start the reconstruction.

"I've heard people say we want to wait until it's completely done with. We still have aftershocks here at least a couple times a week," Mike Warlick said.

Mike Warlick has already received some money from FEMA- but it's not enough to cover all the damage. He says it's a start, same for Lewis Keller.

"I've received money from FEMA, which I was pleased to get what I received. I'm in the appeal process because I had more damage than we originally thought. So, we're going to see how that plays out," he said.

Most folks are now waiting on loans to go through.

To date- 4,100 homes inspections have been requested across 7 counties near the epicenter. FEMA's finished all but 200.

"We were reluctantly to call them at first because, you know, it wasn't their fault we didn't have insurance on the house, as far as earthquake insurance, but as it turns out nobody did," Warlick added.

It's not too late to ask for help with damage done by the quake. The deadline to file with FEMA is March 5th.

People seeking assistance should pre-register online or by calling 1-800-621-FEMA. Both the Louisa and Spotsylvania centers are open from ten to six, seven days a week. You can find location and other information, including a link to the FEMA website by clicking here.

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