Latest Internet Scams

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - A new scam for Facebook users - an invitation to turn your blue Facebook profile pink, red, black or any other color.

The Better Business Bureau says once a user clicks on the link to change the color of the page, the scam will spam all your friends.

Something so simple, yet destructive and intrusive - South University student, Lisa Doyle says she is sick of these internet scammers.

She met four men on the dating website, "My yearbook" within the last month and fell for their incredible tales.

"They're good, the one guy who went on for a month his wife died of cancer and she died in his arms and he's raising his child," said Doyle.

But one by one these online boyfriends started asking Lisa to wire them money.

This soldier known online as "crobert196535" claimed he was in Afghanistan and needed money to call her.

"Yeah it makes me mad, and I confront them and jump on them, immediately but I don't get as mad as I do worried about other women who are gonna fall for this," said Doyle.

Lisa didn't send a dime.

"He says what can you do for me now, I need to feed, I wrote, I don't know what I can do for you, I can pray for you honey," said Doyle.

Lisa showed us pages of conversations shared with these scammers. She has now taken herself off the site and is cautious about her actions are on line.

"The thieves work online, a lot of these kids were raised on computers and now that they are adults, they're so technologically savvy that that's the new form of crime," said Doyle.

If you are ever suspicious of something online, check with places like the Better Business Bureau.

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