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DMV launches new crash tracking web tool

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - If you've ever wondered how dangerous that intersection is near your home, a new website feature from the DMV might help answer that question.

The website feature is a compilation of crash data from police, VDOT and the DMV. At the click of a mouse, it can tell you how many crashes happen in a given area, when they happened, and how.

This week we introduced you to residents in this Brandermill Neighborhood, worried about crossing this intersection.

"Sitting there for 15 minutes trying to make a left, is bad," Conway Dooley, who spoke to us Tuesday about living near the intersection. 

"When you stand there and you're waiting and waiting and waiting you just get anxious," added Margaret Moore, who also lives near the intersection.

They met with VDOT to discuss adding a traffic light. Among other things, VDOT said they couldn't' because there weren't enough crashes.

It's a good example of where the new DMV website could come in handy.

"They can go right down to that intersection and down to that particular intersection and go right down to the road to determine how many fatalities, how many crashes, how many injuries," said Rick Holcomb with the DMV.

You can click on a section to see the number of crashes-- six at this intersection in 2010.

You can also click on an individual crash for details about what happened. It shows weather and road conditions.

"I think it is just a wealth of information for individuals to see. How safe is it where I live or where I drive or where I work?" said Holcomb.

"This is just another tool to be able to drive down injuries, fatalities, and crashes on our roadways." said John Saunders with the DMV.

Officials at the DMV say the police have been using this feature for some time now and that they see a real value it its use for anyone considering a move to a new home, because you can check the safety of nearby roads before making a purchase.

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