Seasonal job outlook: some places hiring

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – If you're looking for some extra cash-- listen up! Thousands of seasonal jobs are available right now. But, does this spell good news, for the economy?

Really-- any employment offer you head to these days is pretty packed. Thousands of people are looking for a job. So, hearing that thousands of jobs are up for grabs is news that is giving a lot of people hope. But for some, it may be false hope in the long run.  

Buddies Patrick Roberts and Romeo Greene take a quick break after looking for their next job inside the Richmond Library.

"You have to be persistent because with persistence comes effort and I believe you can do something if you apply yourself," Roberts said.

It's a mission this duo has been doing for quite some time: Patrick looking for something solid, Romeo looking for a little extra income.

"It would help me pay off my student loads, so it would be a little extra cash to help me get a better degree," Greene said.

We told the two about some encouraging news: The Home Depot is in the midst of hiring more than 70,000 seasonal employees nationwide, and Busch Gardens in Williamsburg is getting ready to hire thousands of workers.

"That's definitely an indication of hope because there are some fields there that I can be productive in," Roberts said. Sounds good, but Economist David Urban is seeing a lot more seasonal jobs popping up rather than those permanent ones.

"If we have a large segment of our society that relies on seasonal jobs, the economy will be up at one point and down at another. That's not the best thing for the economy," Urban said.

Case in point: Urban says right now unemployment claims are at a 6 week high. That's partly because holiday seasonal workers are now losing their jobs.

But remember any opening, no matter how short or long it lasts, is better than no opening at all.

"I'm hopeful something will open up and an opportunity will come," Roberts added.

So too do thousands of others.  

Right now -- Urban tells us we are seeing more of an ebb and flow in the economy as jobs come and go.

The Busch Gardens Job Fair is Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm. You should go in the employee and delivery entrance off Route 60 when you head down.  

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