New details on missing VCU student in NYC

NEW KENT, VA (WWBT) - NBC12 first reported at 5 p.m., police sources are telling us that a MetroCard believed to be Ian Burnet's was used on December 30th. That's the same day Ian went missing in the City.

Ian is a VCU Junior missing in New York City.

We've learned that the MetroCard was used at a station on 145th Street, to take a northbound train. There are cameras at that station and right now police are working to pull that tape.

"This confirms some of the stuff we did suspect. That he had a MetroCard in his possession. We suspected he bought one and it was a 7-day pass," said Ian's dad, Mark Burnet.

Sources are also telling us that through interviews, police have learned that Ian tried to commit suicide at least three times. In at least one of those instances, alcohol and prescription pills were used. It is unclear if any of these three attempts occurred during this trip to NY when he went missing.

"That's quite disturbing to hear and quite frankly, I'm having trouble dealing with that," added dad, Mark. "He has never expressed any desire to kill himself to us that we know of. But, it's hard to know what's in people's hearts."

Ian has been missing since December 30th. Ian left Richmond the day after Christmas and went to the City for New Years. He was staying with his college roommate, as well as Vietnamese girls and others that his brother Jamie didn't know. This was at an apartment near the corner of W 139th and Riverside Drive.

On Wednesday, NYPD once again searched that apartment complex, but found no sign of Ian.

His parents are holding out hope the VCU Junior and 2008 graduate of New Kent High School is still alive.

Mark Burnet is heading back to New York City on Thursday for a couple of days, with friends. The group will go back to thank everyone searching for Ian, and also help try to find the high school valedictorian.

Police still do not believe foul play is involved in Ian's disappearance.

Police in New York are using helicopters and the City's Harbor Unit is looking along the shore lines of the Hudson River.

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