New information on missing VCU student

NEW KENT, VA (WWBT) - Tonight, hundreds of people show up at a prayer vigil, hoping for the safe return of 22-year-old Ian Burnet. He is a junior at VCU, who has been missing since December 30th in New York City.

We are learning more information from Ian's family about his disappearance.

With tears in her eyes, Nancy Burnet is holding out hope her 22-year-old son, Ian, is still alive.

She wears this necklace -- that says the word, "hope."

"I'm wearing it since I got it yesterday and I'll be wearing it until I see my baby again," said Nancy Burnet.

It's that same hope this crowd is holding out for, too. From the flyers, to T-shirts, to his family lighting the first candle -- a flicker of light -- shared among the hundreds here tonight.

"One never gives up hope," she added.

As this group prays, we are learning more about what Ian was doing in New York City just before he went missing without a trace December 30th.

Ian was staying at this apartment complex in Harlem, with two Vietnamese woman and other people Ian's brother didn't know. In a blog posting, his brother Jamie says, Ian felt alienated and simply walked away.

"He said he was leaving and he went out, but I feel he didn't mean to be gone for good," added Nancy.

His dad, Mark, and brother traveled to the city to post missing person fliers-- and to gather more clues. The pair found almost all of Ian's stuff still in the apartment he was staying in -- except for, "his drivers license and credit card, which typically in New York City, are two things that you might want to keep with you and that's all," said Mark Burnet.

Also, Mark believes Ian bought a Metrocard on the 30th, used to ride the Subway. Ian's family believes that Ian used his credit card at a Burger King near the apartment he was staying at on December 31st.

But from there-- the case grows cold, no sign of where Ian may be.

"Please come home. We miss you so much," added Nancy.

Investigators still say there is no sign of foul play in Ian's disappearance. Also, police all across the country are aware that Ian is missing. That includes airport police, especially those in the New York City area. But, investigators tell me they have every reason to believe Ian is still in New York City.

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