Community volunteer honored

NEW KENT, VA (WWBT) – Since retiring from state government, Doris Parsley has picked up some trashy hobbies.

"Picks up all the ladies trash in the neighborhood, older ladies that can't get out, she puts it in the back of her truck then she goes and carries it to the dump station," said Juanita McGlaulin.

Doris and her pickup truck are familiar sights on New Kent County roads.

"Really I don't get tired, I keep on moving," Doris said.

"We thought maybe she'd get a car, but no she got a bigger truck," Juanita said.

Doris makes regular stops at New Kent's Providence United Methodist Church. It's where she and friends gather to deliver Meals on Wheels and where we had a secret meeting with Doris' longtime friend.

"I've know Doris about 40, 50 years," said Juanita.

Juanita McGlaulin says when Doris isn't hauling trash; she's a county cabbie to anyone who needs a lift.

"She takes them to the doctor, the hospital, wherever they need to go she takes them and sometimes the grocery store and if the needs there, she'll buy the groceries," she said.

Juanita came prepared with a list of Doris' kind deeds.

"She'll buy school supplies and school clothes for children in the neighborhood that she knows needs them," Juanita added.

As skilled as Doris is behind the wheel, church friends say she really goes to town in the kitchen.

"We call her the liver and onion queen," said Juanita."No matter who's sick, she's gone bring something, maybe it's a pan of soup, maybe it's a pound cake, and she's a 5 flavor pound cake queen too."

"Always willing to do what she can do for anybody," said New Kent County resident Anne Frazier.

"A truly happy, giving loving person," Juanita added.

To whom we agree to pass on…

SABRINA: "…300 hundred dollars."
JUANITA: "And she'll be very happy and I bet it won't be 10 dollars spent on Doris, it'll be for somebody else."

Juanita warned us, we'd have to ambush Doris. "If she knew, she'd a going home."

When we snuck up on her in the church vestibule, she was almost out the door. Juanita explained why she nominated her friend.

JUANITA: "Well you know why, because you do everything for everybody, you never do anything for Doris. All those things you do for people, I thought you deserved an Act of Kindness."
DORIS: "Well I thank you."
JUANITA: "And they gave me $300 that I am going to give you - $100, $200, $300."
DORIS: "Well thank you honey. Thank you so much."
SABRINA: "So what do you think about this little surprise?"
DORIS: "Well it was shocking, really shocking for me."

But no one's shocked that Doris wants to keep paying it forward.

DORIS: "Yes, I'll donate it to needy people."
JUANITA: "That's what I told them."

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