Dangerous Generators Press Release

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, VA – Concerned about homeowner safety, Chesterfield County has obtained a court-ordered injunction against local corporation Virginia Air Mechanical in an effort to obtain information about the location of gas-fired whole-house generators installed by the company. The injunction also prevents the company from doing any work in the county until at least January 17, when there will be another hearing on the temporary injunction.

Locally, this company has performed numerous installations in Henrico, Hanover, Goochland, Hopewell, New Kent and Richmond. In addition, Chesterfield County has information indicating that installations were performed as far away as Newport News, Stafford, Suffolk, York, Charlotte (Keysville) and possibly other localities as yet not determined.

The Department of Building Inspection has become aware of several instances where the contractor has installed gas-fired whole-house generators at residences in the county in a dangerous manner such that they present a hazard and substantial risk of property damage or serious personal injury to homeowners.

The inspections have discovered electrical work that poses significant risk of electrocution, and propane gas installation defects that create a threat of fire and/or explosion. Inspection staff warn homeowners who have had work performed by the company not to use their generators until inspection and any required corrective action is taken. The county has requested records or information from Virginia Air Mechanical to identify all the locations where such work was done so that the installations can be reviewed and inspected to determine if they are safe, but Virginia Air Mechanical has failed to provide that information despite several requests over the past two months.

There is a substantial likelihood that homeowners who had these generators installed are at risk because Virginia Air Mechanical incorrectly installed gas-fired whole-house generators without obtaining the required permits and the defective installations present significant risk for property damage or personal injury if the generators are activated. The building inspection department has no records through which it can contact these individuals and recommends that anyone who has had work performed by Virginia Air Mechanical contact the Building Inspection Department.

Virginia Air Mechanical was a trading name for Virginia Air Ducts, LLC. The owner of the company has advised that Virginia Air Mechanical has gone out of business and Building Inspections personnel have confirmed that Virginia Air Mechanical no longer has a state contractor's license. The owner has provided the Building Inspection Department with a letter transferring all of Virginia Air Mechanical's outstanding building permits to a new company, Superior Mechanical Services, LLC.

The owner of Virginia Air Mechanical and his spouse are listed as representatives of both Virginia Air Mechanical and Superior Mechanical Services on documents that have been filed with the county's Building Inspections Department.

Home Worx is another company name that has surfaced as having a connection to the other companies named above. Consequently, anyone who has had work performed by Virginia Air Mechanical; Virginia Air Duct, Inc; Home Worx; Superior Mechanical Services, LLC or any agents or employees of Steve or Angela Mills is urged to contact the Department of Building Inspections' Citizens Assistance line at 748-1779.