Ten-year-old hit & run victim speaks

James Kidd
James Kidd
Logan Dudley
Logan Dudley

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – A young boy on crutches will be on crutches for several weeks and Friday Chesterfield Police said they've found the driver who ran him over Wednesday afternoon.

59-year-old James Kidd is facing felony hit and run with injury charges after the accident on West Hundred Road near Harrowgate.  Police said Kidd was driving a red pick-up truck that collided with two boys on a bike.

James Kidd was released from jail Friday morning.  Ten-year-old Logan Dudley fractured his knee when he was hit, but the scars go much deeper.

The Curtis Elementary School student remembers his ride home from school vividly.

"I was coming down this hill on my bike with my friend and this big red truck, he signaled us to go and when we started going, he started going and he just hit us," he described.

Dudley said the driver of the red pick-up truck, who police have identified as James Kidd, just kept going.

"I just had to roll out of the middle of the street," Logan told us.

A Good Samaritan called 911 and stayed with the boys until help arrived.

"It happened so fast I couldn't determine whether to be scared, whether to cry," he recalled.

Logan said he won't ride his bike again.  Meanwhile, Chesterfield Police arrested James Kidd at his home Thursday night.  The 59-year-old didn't want to talk to our cameras.

He has, however, been talking to his son, who gave us an explanation.

"The police officers said that he had hit a child and he said that he had no idea," James Kidd Jr. said.

We looked into Kidd's driving record and found a laundry list of offenses.  In fact, we've learned he just got his license back in the last year and a half.

Kidd Jr. said if his dad had the chance he would apologize to the young boy.

"I know my dad. I can tell by his expression," he described.  "I can tell by his mood and all that that he's very upset about it."

The other boy on the bike was not hurt in the accident.  Kidd is expected back in court February 13th.

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