Vigil for little Amarria

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - It was an emotional night for a community that came together to remember 7-year-old Amarria Johnson.

Johnson was a first grader at Hopkins Road Elementary in Chesterfield. She died Monday after an allergic reaction to a peanut product at school.

On the very front yard where little Amarria used to play with her brothers, a crowd of people gathered in tears to share their best memories of the little girl.

"I'm itchy, I'm itchy. What do you mean I'm itchy Amarria? I need some Benadryl. You need some what? Some Benadryl. She got me to go out at 3 in the morning to get her some Benadryl," shared her Aunt Regina.

"She would say, isn't nothing gonna happened to me cuz if so I'm gonna call my God mamma and she gonna be on the highway to come and get me," shared her Godmother.

Among the laughter, there were heartbreak and tears.

"I'm truly going to miss her, no one knows how I feel right now my heart aches," said Amarria's grandfather.

Candles where lit in her honor, it was an especially difficult day as the family made Amarria's funeral arraignments.

"It was hard, but we found a beautiful dress, thanks to the donations, we did, a beautiful dress," said Amarria's mother, Laura Pendleton.

The outpouring of support was welcomed.

"I feel blessed all these people were able to come out to support us and show love for Amarria it's just has really taken be aback," said Pendleton.

The next step for this family is to meet with school officials to find out exactly how Amarria got her hands on and died of this peanut related allergic reaction.

Amarria will be laid to rest at noon on Saturday at 5th Street Baptist Church.

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