INTERVIEW: Senator Donald McEachin talks about the busy political season

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – This is a busy political season. The Iowa caucuses are in the books and New Hampshire is on our doorstep. Meanwhile President Obama continues to battle republicans in Congress and the Virginia General Assembly is set to reconvene. Here to discuss all of these issues is a man tuned in to all of this, State Senator Donald McEachin.

RYAN: Thanks for being here.

MCEACHIN: Thanks for having me.

RYAN: First I would like to get your take on the Iowa caucus. Obvious you are supporter of President Obama. How do you things ended up in terms of the president's perspective?

MCEACHIN: The president busy running the county and is preparing for his reelection. I don't know he necessarily tuned into the republican primaries, but I found them fascinating. Mitt Romney spent a lot of money and got less votes than he got four years ago. I have to believe that's because people don't know who Mitt Romney is. Is he a liberal from Massachusetts? Is he a conservative? He seems to be prepared to say what he needs to say to get the nomination.

RYAN: is Romney your preferred candidate for President or does it not matter to you?

MCEACHIN: They can put anyone they want in the field. We'll will win and we'll win Virginia as well.

RYAN: Let's talk about the President a little bit. He's run into a bit of a controversy in Washington over the appointment of Richard Cordray, going the recess appointment route which can sometime be controversial in Washington. Why can you think that was necessary in this particular instance?

MCEACHIN: Because the republicans have continued for the entirety of his presidency to oppose the even simplest things he attempts to do. This office of being a consumer watchdog, a consumer advocate, is a necessary office in these times. To make sure people are empowered with the tools they need to make good financial decisions. The republicans wouldn't nominate the man for the simple reason he was a democrat.

RYAN: Do you think it's more than that? There seem to be some concern about the expansion of government and more burdens put on businesses and the creation of this new office. Do you disagree with that?

MCEACHIN: I do disagree with that. I think the perspective we ought to have which is a realist perspective, is that consumers need information. They need someone that they can trust to give them information that they can then use to empower them to make good decisions. That's what government should be about empowering people.

RYAN: Let's talk about what's happening here in Richmond. You obviously in the middle of a debate over the state senate, 20-20 split right now. Lieutenant Governor Bolling thinks he should cast the deciding vote in determining organization. You disagree with that. There's a lawsuit pending now. Are you talking at all? Can this -- can there be equitable power sharing can be resolved without having to go through the court system?

MCEACHIN: I certainly hope so. The people of Virginia voted for a 20-20 Senate. They expect power to be shared and shared equitably. That's even been proven by the poll that was recently take than showed 55% of Virginians - democrats, republican, and independents alike when they saw there was a 20-20 senate think there should be power sharing. Regrettably what Lieutenant Governor Bolling has said that I'm going to run the Senate and I'm going vote on the issue and have a republican majorities and the fact it's 20-20 Senate doesn't matter.

RYAN: Are you talking though? We see the press releases going back and forth from the public. Are there any negotiations actually taking place that can get us to that position?

MCEACHIN: Not yet. In fairness, everybody is out of town and sort of coming back to Richmond now. But we said back in September that we would meet with the republican and anytime any place, to discuss this very important matter of power sharing.

RYAN: A lot to talk about. We touched on. I appreciate it. Good luck in this upcoming session.

MCEACHIN: Thank you. 

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