Woman wants to thank anonymous donor

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Does Christmas end after December 25th? It doesn't for a Chesterfield mother who's been getting "cash" in the mail for five years. She has no idea who's sending it. But called 12 for help -- with a proper way to thank the anonymous giver.

Sharita Green calls this mysterious person who sends her money every December, her guardian angel. The mother of two wishes the story produces a tangible person or, somehow let her angel know how appreciative she is.

"This one just came. 'May you enjoy this beautiful season.' 6 twenties came out of this one," Green said.

Sharita Green saved three of five cards that were mailed to her home, usually during the first week of December. A couple times, one of her daughters retrieved the surprise.

"She said, 'Mom you got another one of those envelopes in the mail. Can I open it, please mom?'" added Green.

She examines each card for clues searching for anything that might reveal the sender's identity.

"'Happy holidays, enjoy the season.' In this card fell out a 100 dollar bill, a 10 dollar bill and a 1 dollar bill," she said.

But, the anonymous giver appears careful and consistent. The only handwriting, which isn't very legible, is on the outside of the envelope and the Christmas card is unsigned. Sharita's home address is typed on a label.

"Why me? Why you chose me to be the recipient of your good deed?" Green asked.

My guess, it's because of Sharita's character and giving nature. She was diagnosed with kidney failure at 17, started dialysis at 21 and had a transplant at 22. She struggles but manages on a fixed income. The monetary gifts are a blessing, a surplus.

"I'm always trying to be encouraging and uplifting in spite of. I don't let kidney failure and being blind in one eye, and being divorced, I don't let all those things be a hindrance," she said.

Her teen daughters were both Chesterfield students of the year. She tells why she reached out to us, to thank the anonymous donor.

"I paid my landlord his rent and he gave me a hundred dollars. I was just overwhelmed. I was like 11 twenties that I was not expecting. I was flat broke," Green said. "You've got to have a level of obedience to be even consistent like this. They have to be hearing something in their spirit that tells you to give. This is my spiritual hug. My spiritual kiss. I appreciate you. Thank you and happy holidays."

Sharita was able to take her girls shopping and they got to buy stuff they like. I'm thinking that's a proper "thank you" for the family's guardian angel. 

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