General Assembly 2012: Bills to watch

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – We're about a week away from the start of the 2012 legislative session in the General Assembly. Lawmakers convene the two-month session on January 11.

Nearly 200 bills and resolutions have already been filed at the capitol. Lawmakers will be addressing everything from abortion rights to immigration during the upcoming session.

Each year there are several bills that attract attention and sometimes cause controversy. Here are a few poised to do just that:

There are two bills that could drastically change abortion rights in Virginia. One would give full rights to unborn children while the other would repeal all funding for abortions.

Delegate Bob Marshall is proposing the Personhood Bill. The northern Virginia republican says this would not outlaw abortion. If the General Assembly were to pass this bill -- Marshall says this could be the first step toward overturning Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court case allowing abortion.

HPV vaccinations became a hot topic during the republican primaries for president. A bill in the General Assembly would eliminate the requirement to get the vaccination.

This is another bill proposed by the often-controversial Marshall. HPV is the virus that causes most forms of cervical cancer. Many conservatives argue the vaccination encourages teenagers to be sexually active. The General Assembly made the HPV vaccination a school requirement in 2007.

Another bill would allow an arresting officer to inquire about your citizenship.

Illegal immigration continues to be a hot topic. Virginia law requires sheriffs to look into someone's legal status after he or she is taken into custody. If passed, this law would expand that. It would require the officer making the arrest to ask if you were born in another country or if you're a citizen of another country.

The General Assembly will be back in session on January 11th.

Similar versions of some of these bills have been introduced before, but have not passed. For more information on the General Assembly, click here. 

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