Woman claims fake cop tried to stop her in Richmond

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) -- A Richmond woman goes through a frightening encounter: she says a fake cop tried to pull her over on Thursday morning.

Tonight, she is telling her story to NBC12 in the hopes that what happened to her, doesn't happen again.

She thought it was legit. She was driving around 2 GRTC buses and a pick-up truck behind those buses. But, it's that pick-up truck that she says was the fake cop.

You can't blame Gina for being scared. "Right now, my heart is just pounding and I'm scared for my safety."

She's afraid the fake cop -- with real red flashing lights -- on the dashboard of a pick up truck -- might come back. This evening -- we went with Gina to the South Richmond Police Station where she filed a police report.

20 minutes later -- she walked out -- still shaking. "You hear about it happening but when it happens close to home, it's very surprising," adds Gina.

Gina says it all started here at the bus stop on Clarkson near Warwick Road. Two buses lined up, back to back. Gina says that fake cop was right behind those buses.

"I pulled behind him for 10 seconds and no movement, so I pulled around them," she says.

Seconds later, Gina noticed flashing lights behind her and she says it was that fake cop.

"I pulled into my driveway and he blocked my driveway. I got out of my vehicle and ran into my house. That's when he said I have your license plate number," says Gina.

That's the last she saw of the impersonator and she hopes it's the last time, For good.

"I feel a little relieved that I'm letting people know there is someone out there impersonating a police officer so hopefully he can get caught," says Gina.

Gina is now waiting for a real police officer to get back in touch with her. She will also try to talk to the GRTC bus drivers tomorrow to see if they saw anything.