Suspect in 2008 New Year's Eve murder urged to surrender

Kayla Armstrong
Kayla Armstrong
Keiona Braxton
Keiona Braxton

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Henrico police believe a woman wanted for a New Year's Eve killing three years ago may have left the Richmond area and possibly the state. But the victim's family is confident suspect Kayla Armstrong will be brought to justice.

Keiona Braxton's family is preparing for a get-together this weekend to celebrate her life. Just last month, Armstrong was indicted on first degree murder.

Henrico detective, Chuck Hanna, said she could be anywhere--- and believes her family is helping her in some way.

This is just some of the case files in the Braxton murder.

Lead detective Chuck Hanna has poured over them since firefighters came across Braxton inside her burning town home in December 2008.

His chief suspect is nowhere to be found and it's been years since the last good tip.

"It's tough it's been one of those things where you wake up in the middle of the night and think about did we miss anything, what else can we do," said Hanna.

Hanna said Armstrong's family knows about the murder indictment against her and mostly likely she knows. He's left messages on her voicemail.

"We asked the mother to have Kayla to turn herself in and we have not seen her. Her house has been cleaned out," said Hanna.

Braxton shared a town home on Crenshaw Road with Armstrong's ex-boyfriend. Authorities said the trio had a heated argument four days before the fire where Braxton was found with two bullet wounds.

The Braxton family not only mourned her loss, but also her unborn child.

Relatives said Keiona was three months pregnant.

"She always said she wasn't going to have a child and this was her first child. I know she would have been happy," said LaJoy Braxton, Braxton's youngest sister.

A motive hasn't been released, but the Braxton's think Keiona died as a result of a jealous rage.

LaJoy Braxton said Armstrong, who had a violent history with her sister, needs to come forward and take responsibility.

"It seems like it's hard for them to catch her," said LaJoy Braxton.

"I try to get them to just trust in us," said Hanna.

Hanna said Armstrong can't run forever.

"The time that she is away looks less favorable for her," said Hanna.

Armstrong was charged with assaulting Braxton during that heated argument days before the fire. But was acquitted in June 2009.

If you know where Armstrong is or can point Detective Hanna in the right direction, call Henrico police at 501-5000. You don't have leave your name.

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