Perry lost first round in his bid to get on primary ballot

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Texas Gov. Rick Perry has lost the first round in his bid to get his name on the Virginia Republican primary ballot.

A federal judge in Richmond on Thursday declined Perry's request for an emergency court order to require Virginia's Board of Elections to place his name on the March ballot.

Instead, U.S. District Judge John A. Gibney Jr. scheduled a Jan. 13 court date to hear arguments in the case.

Perry failed last week to meet Virginia's requirements that each candidate receive 10,000 signatures of registered voters, with 400 from each of its 11 congressional districts.

Perry argues that Virginia's primary ballot requirements are "overly burdensome and unconstitutional."

The primary ballots have to be printed by Jan. 9, but Gibney raised the prospect of a second printing.

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