3 year old dog shot outside Richmond home

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) -- A dog is shot outside her home in Richmond in broad daylight. Now the hunt is on for the 60 or so year old man that may be responsible for the shooting.

The goods news is 3 year old Bunny, a mix-breed dog, is expected to be okay. She is still at the vet's tonight. Her doctor thinks she was shot intentionally.

3 year old Bunny is walking like a champ, less than 24 hours after taking a bullet right to her shoulder.

We were still able to see her bullet hole wound, still fresh. This, as the horror of it all still fresh in the mind of Bunny's owner Dave Hooke and his family. "They heard a pop and yelp and a couple of other neighbors heard that. She was bloody. They bundled her up and took her to the vet."

That's where bunny is getting the treatment she needs to recover. Luckily -- her vet at Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center in Carytown says Bunny won't need surgery. The bullet missed all her vital organs.

"She's young. She's going to recover. She won't like it though because she is real active and won't like having to stay still and not move around," adds Hooke.

Richmond Police say it was around 10:30 Wednesday morning on the quiet, dead end road when it all went down.

That's when Bunny hopped over the fence and was loose near her home on Cherry Street. Neighbors heard a gun shot -- and saw a man in this 60's run away. Police need to find him. Part of the investigation will be to determine if Bunny was shot on purpose, or if she attacked the man.

Tonight, we noticed several homes on this block have surveillance video cameras, including one at a home, pointing toward the road where Bunny was shot. Police, though, won't tell us if they have tried to pull that video or not.

"He's armed, just willing to take a shot at anyone. They need to catch this guy," says Dave.

In the meantime, part of Dave's family will be spending a night away from home.

Doctors say Bunny should be back at home tomorrow.

In the meantime, investigators say they need to talk to man believed to be the shooter before possible charges are determined.