Chesterfield rape charges certified to grand jury

Byron Hernandez-Hernandez
Byron Hernandez-Hernandez

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Emotional testimony today by a Chesterfield woman who said a man raped her after she gave him a ride home.

23-year-old Byron Hernandez-Hernandez is charged with rape, sodomy, robbery and abduction. He was out on bond before the hearing, but immediately sent back to jail!

Through a translator, the woman tearfully told the judge Hernandez-Hernandez raped her twice at knife-point during an ordeal that lasted three and a half hours.

Visibly shaken and nervous, the woman stood before the judge, just feet from the man she says attacked her in her own car.

About 2 a.m. October 29th, the woman told the judge Hernandez-Hernandez asked for  a ride home. She said he was a customer at the Richmond restaurant where she worked, but didn't know his name.

The woman told the judge he didn't look like a bad person, so she agreed to take him to his apartment on Squire Hill Court off Belmont Road near where she lived. Once there, the woman said Hernandez-Hernandez got out and she thought he was getting money to pay her for gas but instead returned with a big kitchen knife and told her to drive.

She said they went to a dark corner in the complex parking lot where he climbed on top of her and forced her to have oral sex and intercourse.

According to testimony, they left the parking lot, drove around for two and a half hours, then returned where he raped her again.

She said he then asked her to drive him to a convenience store to buy him cigarettes then stole about $80 she had from tips that night.

The suspect's attorney tried to keep his client out of jail so he could support his family, but the prosecution said he violated his bond when he returned to the same restaurant four weeks later for drinks.

The judge certified all four charges against Hernandez-Hernandez to a grand jury which meets in mid-January.

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