Police investigating string of burglaries in the Fan

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Burglars targeted several homes in The Fan and Museum District over the holidays. Homes on Grove, Grace, Main, Monument and Parkwood Avenue were all hit in the last few days. These burglars were mainly looking for electronics but actually stole food from one of these apartments.

Will Harrington was sleeping Monday when he heard a noise. He came downstairs to find a man crawling through his window.

"First thing I did was I grab a knife and run towards him," Harrington said. "He was then surprised and ran away."

A piece of plywood now covers the window the burglar broke. There's glass still on his floor and you can see where police dusted for fingerprints.

"He broke the window and fell onto my bike," he said. "My bike is still knocked over."

Harrington is one of the lucky ones - he didn't lose anything.

Police say this is one of nearly half a dozen homes in this area that have been targeted since last Thursday.

Police say often with burglaries like this, all that junk mail that piles up at your front doorstep can tip off a burglar that you're not home.

Thomas Marlowe lives in an apartment building on West Grace. Someone broke into his neighbor's apartment.

"I'd rather not hear that when I come back to go to work and everything," Marlowe said.

He says he's always afraid something like this will happen when he leaves town over the holidays.

"Every time I leave I get a little paranoid with whether I locked the doors or not," he said. "I go back three or four times just to make sure."

He says word is traveling around the neighborhood about the recent break-ins. Marlowe says this isn't what he expected when he moved here.

"Choosing to live in the Fan, you do that because it's supposed to be a fairly safe area," Marlowe said.

Right now police have a vague description of the man that broke into Will Harrington's apartment. Police do not believe these break-ins are related.

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