Jamal Clemons has long criminal history

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – NBC12 is uncovering new and disturbing details about the suspect arrested for the Christmas Eve double murder, robbery and abduction. Jamal Clemons was arraigned on multiple felony charges at the Manchester Courthouse Tuesday, which is less than a week after he was released from jail.

That reality is almost too disturbing to believe. We've learned Jamal Clemons got out of jail, where he was serving time for a probation violation, Friday. He waited only about 24 hours before allegedly beginning his next crime spree on Christmas Eve.

With the exception of just a few months this year and a couple days here and there, Jamal Clemons has been incarcerated for most of his adult life. He's back in jail now after a fugitive task force stormed the apartment where he had been hiding out in Whitcomb Court on Monday.

He was arrested on multiple felony charges after a crime spree that began Christmas Eve.  Police said Clemons broke into a home on North 35th Street, killed two people and then stole an SUV with two-year-old Kaiden Burnside in the backseat. The little boy was found unharmed in a cemetery just before midnight.

Just the day before, Clemons had been released from Pahmunkey Regional Jail, where he had been in custody since the end of April for violating his probation on a shoplifting charge in Hanover County.

NBC12 has been digging through court records to find an overwhelming rap sheet. It includes offenses in Richmond, Henrico, Hanover and Chesterfield Counties.

Clemons has been charged with everything from contempt of court to felony drug possession with intent to sell and gun charges.

According to sources on multiple occasions, the Richmond man was released from custody and re-offended within days. There are also several probation violations listed on his record.

That is consistent with what we're learning from neighbors who live on the same street as Jamal and the Christmas Eve murder scene.  They told us the home where Clemons stays is the heart of what has become "an open air market for drugs" on North 35th Street.

Clemons was arraigned Tuesday morning and will remain in jail. We're told authorities will seek murder charges in the near future.

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