Shoppers take advantage of post holiday sales

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Just because Christmas is over doesn't mean the shopping is. This is the week to catch all those big deals, and to return your items for more desired ones.

Not only are people returning some of those items they received for Christmas, they're also looking for sales and using gift cards.

Gift cards and Christmas deals brought people like Hadiah Rahim into Kmart. Since her daughter's birthday comes soon after the holiday, she's been coupon clipping lately.

"I've been marking things I'll need to get because I have a habit of getting into a store and going ballistic," said Rahim.

It's a balancing act between customers who want to save money, and stores that want to earn it.

Price cuts ranged from 50 to 70 percent off at many stores. They're all good signs for shoppers looking for after Christmas deals. 77 percent of Americans plan to buy at least one gift card this holiday season, and many may go towards post holiday purchases.

Marsh Botts says, as of this morning, she had already checked out deals at Target and Walmart. She says she was actually surprised by the turnout.

"I guess the economy even hit the day after Christmas," Botts said. "I thought more people would be out because of the bargains we expect."

Rahim was one of them. With price gouges on Christmas items,  home goods, and toys, she couldn't resist.

"I'm trying to catch these after Christmas deals," Rahim added. "They're pretty good, so I'm trying to rack up."

Researchers predict more people will rack up this year since the day after is on a week day. Last year, it fell on a Sunday which is a shorter shopping day and a time many people spend with relatives.

Shoppers say it wasn't as busy as some of the other big shopping days this year; however, researchers say this year is still expected to be busier than last year.