Richmond's putting property owners on notice

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Beginning January 1st the city will strictly enforce city ordinances regarding trash and debris during the times VCU students move in and out. In April and again in August the city typically has huge problems with big pieces of furniture piling up in its alley ways. It happens when the students are moving out and next year the city's hoping in can curb trash.

When the students move out come April neighborhoods like the Fan, Carver district and Oregon Hill will face alley ways filled with mattresses, tires, chairs and desks. It's called "sofa season." Star Evers has lived in the Fan for 13 years. She says it happens every year.

"Bunch of trash gets piled up. People clean things out but they just leave it hanging out in the alley. Couches, desks, things like that," she said.

Which is why the city is launching Project Clean Move, getting the word out now to students and landlords about their options.

"We want to make people aware of different agencies and organizations may be able to assist them with getting rid of some of their unwanted items," said Richmond Department of Public Works Spokesperson Sharon North.

The city sent out more than 4,300 letters this week, also warning property owners and landlords that "the city will pursue penalties for violations" of all trash and debris ordinances on the books.

"We are going to strictly enforce those laws and codes. We want the property owners to know that in many instances they can be held liable for what their tenants leave behind," said North.

Residents in the city's Fan District told us they welcome the change.

"I think it's a great idea. think something needs to be done. that way they're responsible for their trash," said Evers.

"I don't like the city looking trashy that's for sure. Somebody has to be held responsible," said longtime resident Dewitt Whittington.

The city plans to put four huge dumpsters out again this April to collect all of this trash. Here is a list of the dumpster locations:

Northwest corner of Grace St. and Mulberry on Mulberry
Southwest corner of Ryland and Grace on Ryland
Northwest corner of Morris and Grove on Morris
Northwest corner of Morris and Cary on Morris

More information can be found on the Richmond Public Works website.

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