Hanover County murder: Parents of the accused speak out

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) - New information in the murder case of a Lee Davis High School student. According to a search warrant the alleged triggerman confessed to shooting 17-year-old Jyreffe Clark in the head.

Three teenagers face charges related to the murder including 18-year-old Michael Thompson. He's charged with accessory after the fact. Now, for the first time his parents are speaking out. They call the incident, "a terrible accident."

Charles Holloway calls his stepson, Michael, a good kid.

Holloway and Michael's mom say their son is saddened and upset.

"He's not the same. You can see it in his face -- he's distant right now," said Holloway.

Michael was in a Mechanicsville home, in the 6400 block of Lark Way, with Clark and two other Lee Davis high classmates -- when Clark was shot in the head.

According to a search warrant, one of those classmates, 17-year-old Franklin Robertson admitted shooting Clark, using paper towels and gloves to clean-up and dragging Clark's body out of the house to a piece of property nearby.

The documents also reveal police took carpet cleaner, a 9mm gun and 25 rounds of 9mm ammunition from the crime scene.

Holloway says his stepson, the victim and the other boys charged in the case hung out together regularly and shared a love of music.

"We never had a problem with them doing anything outside of what teens do. He loved music, track and field -- he was a stand-out at Lee Davis," said Holloway.

Nicole Bell: "Have you asked your son what happened?"
Charles Holloway: "I can't get into that."

Michael's family says the weekend shooting was an accident and all of the boys were friends.

"I'm sure it's going to impact him the rest of his life. A friend is dead. We're sorry that it happened," said Holloway.

Sources say the shooting was a result of gun play.

Clark's wake is scheduled for Thursday, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Life Church in Mechanicsville. His funeral is Friday morning at 11, also at Life Church.

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