No babe for the crib: Baby Jesus stolen from 3 nativity scenes

SPOTSYLVANIA, VA (WWBT) - A Christmas miracle has become a Christmas mystery in Spotsylvania County.

Thieves are hitting local nativity scenes, stealing baby Jesus figurines. We told you about one case in Fredericksburg last week. Now, three nativities across Spotsylvania County are missing Jesus. The crimes happened during the last two weekends on Plank Road and South Point Parkway.

Most of the impacted businesses say they've had these Nativity scenes for years and have never had any problems. Now, they say they just want their baby Jesus back in time for Christmas.

"Somebody just came and took the baby Jesus. Uh, it makes no sense," said Al King with Wilderness Camp Resort on Plank Road.

It happened all over the county- to date at three crime scenes. One business found a letter in the manger, left by the thief.

Stephanie Green with Tivett's Furniture, also on Plank Road, read us the note: "Dear Fellow Americans, We are here to celebrate the missing Baby Jesus. We are not holding him ransom. We will feed him and he might get a cold in this weather. We will change his diaper. Try to find me and I will hide. Try to catch me and I will fly. What am I?"

Across town, a darker image left behind.

"And in place of that, was a skull,"said Marc Smith with W.J. Vakos.

Deputies say some of the figurines are fairly expensive and stealing one of them is grand larceny, which is a felony. Plus, they say investigating where these figurines went takes manpower that could better be used doing other things. The victims say doing this, just isn't in the spirit of the season.

"We value ourselves as a Christian community and to see this again it's very disheartening, very disturbing," said Smith.

"I ask the people who did it to pull in, throw it on the bank, no questions asked," said King. " We're not gonna press charges. I just want it back."

"You would hope that the spirit I guess hits whoever decided to take it and they decide to return it," added Green.

At this point, deputies say they aren't sure whether the incidents are related, but they're certainly looking into it. They say it'd be a wise decision to give Baby Jesus back.

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