Fake Android Apps: Download with caution

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A warning for Smart Phone users on the Android system, not every App is legit.

If you have a Smart Phone, then you've heard of Angry Birds. The game where players use a sling shot to launch birds at green pigs. It's a wildly popular game but tech experts warn, be careful before you click, fake Apps are popping up.

According to several tech sites, people who bought the fake games were left with non-working Apps and claim they were not able to get a refund. Google is aware of the problem and says it has removed the phony games. The company says it's a great time to remind users about Android market safety.

Google and other experts recommend only downloading Apps from the Android market. Also, check the ratings and reviews of any games or Apps you are downloading. Another good idea, Google the name of App to see what comes up. Experts also say you should read the permissions and understand exactly what you are allowing the app to do.

Rovio, the maker of Angry Birds, reminds Android users that all of its games will have "Rovio Mobile LTD" attached. If the game just has Rovio, it is not legit. One of the greatest risks of downloading a fake App, is that you could be downloading a virus or Spyware that could your private information in the hands of crooks. If you come across a suspicious or fake App, don't just ignore it, report it to Google. The company says it will remove any App it discovers is causing a problem.

Tech experts say a big concern for the Android market is that the Apps are not screened as thoroughly as applications for the Apple market. They say you should always use caution when downloading.

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