It's a shipping frenzy at the post office

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Right now, The postal service is dealing with one of its busiest days of the year. You may want to give yourself some extra time if you need to stop by. Monday  is the biggest day for delivering packages.

The post parking lot filled up well before its doors actually opened. Packages in hand, one after another, was a common sight all day, especially for Sharondia Gaines who ships the week before Christmas for a specific reason.

"A week before because you find a lot of deals so that's why I'm shipping it out now," said Gaines.

The postal service says it'll deliver more than 16 billion letters, packages, and cards between Thanksgiving and New Years Eve. As soon as the Forest Hills office opened, people quickly packed its doors.

Raymond Davis is stocking up on boxes. Similar to millions of Americans, he hopes to fill them up and ship them to his grand kids in time for Christmas.

"I hope to," said Davis. "If they don't, they'll get them when they get them."

The postal service has also made shipping easier by offering options online. While officials say almost 100 million customers will come to the post office this season, nearly 50 million will shop online from their home. It's an alternative that looks more attractive to people like Dinkus Deane every year.

"Shopping online is just too easy now," said Deane. "It can be done it minutes. You can sit at home in your pjs, do your shopping, and it comes to your house the next day."

In the meantime, post office parking lots will continue to fill quickly the next few days as people send those last minute gifts before Christmas.

While the postal service says Monday is the biggest day to ship packages, Tuesday is supposed to be the busiest day to mail letters.

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