Willow Oaks neighbors wake up to vandalized cars

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Neighbors in one Richmond neighborhood woke up to deflated tires and vandalized cars this weekend. Police say 7 cars were vandalized. It happened in the Willow Oaks Apartment Complex, just off Bliley Road.

Residents we spoke to say crime is rare on their street, and this vandalism senseless. They're adding up the damage and inconvenience.

"It's probably going to wind up costing the family $900," said Tom Severin, one of the vandalism victims.

Steve Ritchie put his spare tire on his truck, but he knows that will only work for a little while. he has plans to travel for the holidays.

"I'm going down to Florida to see my mom for Christmas," said Ritchie. "Leaving Wednesday, so you know before I head out, but you gotta do what you gotta do."

He has plans to go to the tire store Monday. Seven families in a small stretch of the apartment complex woke up to slashed tires. A few also had keyed cars. One of those cars still has new car tags.

"It looked like they were using a screw gun. It was a screw sticking out of the tire," said Severin.

"Somebody out trying to have fun, thought that was a way to have fun," said Ritchie, who pointed out that his new tire will be costly.

Severin stood holding his bill, frustrated: "They need to get a hobby. Seriously."

The Willow Oaks Apartment Complex is littered with signs showing the area is private property. One neighbor tells us his windows to the street were open that night, but like all of the neighbors we spoke to, he didn't see or hear anything.

"The sad part was, my sons were down from Long Island visiting for the weekend and their tires got slashed also," said Severin.

"It's just a shame that something like this has to happen on Christmas, around Christmas," added Ritchie.

Richmond Police say they don't have any suspects in custody at this time, but they are continuing their investigation. If you know anything, you can call Crime Stoppers at 780-1000.

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