Two violent robberies in an hour and a half

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – A Chesterfield woman was scared to death and is planning to change the locks on her front door after she was attacked and violently robbed. Her attack was actually one of two in Chesterfield County Thursday night. They happened about an hour and a half apart and less than two miles away from each other. One was on Alfalfa Lane and the other happened on Brampton Way.

Detectives are investigating a connection between the two incidents. In the hour and a half between the two crimes, the violence escalated.

The female victim was too afraid to show her face on camera. She was also too scared to go to sleep Thursday night after two men robbed her of her belongings and her sense of security just yards from her home. The attack happened just after 8:30 p.m.

"They approached me from behind and pushed me and grabbed a hold of my purse and told me to give them my cell phone," she recalled. "The other one started coming back toward me. I just dropped my cell phone because I didn't know if they had any weapons."

About an hour and a half later and less than two miles away on Brampton Way a bullet flew right by a man's head during a confrontation with two men matching the suspect descriptions from the first robbery.

"When he didn't immediately turn over his stuff, they struck him in the head with a gun," explained Chesterfield Police Lt. Randy Horowitz.

While matching, the suspect descriptions are rather vague at this point. They are described as black males around twenty years old, one wearing all black, the other wearing a gray hoodie. Those men are still out there with the first victim's house keys.

"We're just going to change the locks and hopefully nothing happens," the woman told NBC12.

Amazingly, neither victim was hurt. Police said they're lucky considering one didn't cooperate with thieves.

"Give them what they want but be a good witness," advised Lt. Horowitz. "Pay attention to all those details, description, where they go, if they get into a vehicle, all that information. We're not looking for anyone to be a hero for themselves."

If you know anything about these robberies, call Crime Solvers at 748-0660.

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