What Lincoln is Thinkin' - Bowl Picks

It's bowl season - which starts way to early, and ends way too late.  There are about 4 of the next 160 games that are worth caring about.. but here are my picks for all of them anyway.

New Mexico Bowl    Dec 17, 2pm Temple vs. Wyoming – And we start things off with a bang. I'll take Temple.

Idaho Potato Bowl  Dec 17, 5:30pm  Ohio vs. Utah State – Good thing we need all these games.  Great sponsorship here.. no idea potatoes came from Idaho, no idea at all.  Ohio's the pick.

New Orleans Bowl  Dec 17, 9:00pm  San Diego State vs. Louisiana-Lafayette – I covered the Sun Belt for three years.  I will never, ever, ever pick a Sun Belt team to win a bowl game.  San Diego State.

Beef 'O' Brady Bowl    Dec 20, 8pm   Florida International vs. Marshall – We are Florida International! Doesn't have the same ring to it.  Marshall.

Poinsettia Bowl, San Diego   Dec 21, 8pm  TCU vs. Louisiana Tech – Still waiting for a game that's somewhat interesting.  TCU

Maaco Bowl   Dec 22, 8pm   Arizona State vs. Boise State – Here we go.  First bowl game worth watching.  Arizona State should be embarrassed for how they poached their new coach, Todd Graham, from Pittsburgh.  Graham is a scumbag, and I hope Boise State beats them by four touchdowns.

Hawaii Bowl  Dec 24, 8pm   Nevada vs. Southern Miss – Immediately afterwards, UVA's loss to USM seemed like a really bad loss.  But Southern Miss had a very good year, and they will take care of Nevada.

Independence Bowl    Dec 26, 5:00pm    Missouri vs. North Carolina – Missouri, I guess?  Depends on which North Carolina team shows up, but I'm guessing they won't get excited to be in Shreveport.  There's no reason to be excited to be in Shreveport.

Little Caesars Bowl   Dec 27, 4:30pm  Western Michigan vs. Purdue – Can't tell you one thing about Western Michigan.  But I know I like pizza.  Purdue.

Belk Bowl     Dec 27, 8:00pm  Louisville vs. North Carolina St – North Carolina State playing in front of a home crowd.  Louisville has a talented freshman quarterback, but I'm taking the Wolfpack.

Military Bowl   Dec 28, 4:30pm  Toledo vs. Air Force – This is the Military Bowl right?  Sort of has to be Air Force.

Holiday Bowl    Dec 28, 8pm   California vs. Texas – The Longhorns are not used to going to San Diego for bowl games. When you go to San Diego, you just feel like hanging out and enjoying yourself.  I bet Texas comes out flat, and Cal takes it.

Champ Sports Bowl   Dec 29, 5:30pm  Florida State vs. Notre Dame – Tough pick here.  Lots of pressure on Brian Kelly, and Florida State has been a disappointment.  I will reluctantly take Notre Dame.

Valero Alamo Bowl   Dec 29, 9pm Washington vs. Baylor – I guarantee 95% of the people who fill out bowl sheets will take Baylor. Robert Griffin has done more for Baylor football than maybe anyone ever.. people will watch this game, and they will root for him to do something special.

Insight Bowl  Dec 30, 10pm  Iowa vs. Oklahoma – I see this as an Oklahoma rout.

Armed Forces Bowl  Dec 30, 12pm  BYU vs. Tulsa – Just flipped a coin.  BYU.

Pinstripe Bowl   Dec 30, 3:20pm  Rutgers vs. Iowa State – The team that kept Oklahoma State from the national championship game has done nothing else all year.  Why would that change on December 30th? Plus.. the New York kids on Rutgers will be too jacked to play at Yankee Stadium.

Music City Bowl  Dec 30, 6:40pm  Mississippi State vs. Wake Forest – 8 times out of 10, SEC beats ACC. Mississippi State.

Meineke Car Care Bowl  Dec 31, 12pm   Texas A&M vs. Northwestern – Texas A&M is too good to lose this game.

Sun Bowl  Dec 31, 1pm  Georgia Tech vs. Utah – The triple option is too much for Utah.  Georgia Tech.

Liberty Bowl  Dec 31, 3:30pm  Cincinnati vs. Vanderbilt – Cincinnati is actually a pretty good team from the Big East.  Yeah, there was one.

Fight Hunger Bowl           Dec 31, 3:30pm  Illinois vs. UCLA – Two teams that fired their head coaches.  Congratulations on making a bowl game fellas.  Illinois.

Chick-fil-A Bowl   Dec 31, 7:30pm  Virginia vs. Auburn – I think there are too many problems for Auburn going into this game, and that UVA can keep it close.  And in Mike London we trust. Virginia.

Gator Bowl  Jan 2, 1:30pm    Ohio State vs. Florida – If this was the Buckeye Bowl, you'd have to go Ohio State right? Well, I'll actually take OSU, just because Florida has not been impressive at all.

Ticketcity Bowl  Jan 2, 12pm  Houston vs. Penn State – I'm going with Penn State here.  I know there won't be a lot of fans there, but I truly think the Nittany Lion players will rise to the occasion.  But it's an odd situation… can you root for the Penn State players, and root against everyone else?

Capital One Bowl Jan 2, 1pm Nebraska vs. South Carolina – South Carolina's not the same without Marcus Lattimore, Nebraska will find a way to smother their offense and win. Maybe big.

Outback Bowl    Jan 2, 1pm  Michigan State vs. Georgia – A very intriguing game, with two very talented quarterbacks.  I think Georgia's defense is better though.-

BCS Rose Bowl  Jan 2, 5pm  Wisconsin vs. Oregon – Hey, I like Russell Wilson a lot.  But Oregon is incredibly good. They WILL win this game.

BCS Fiesta Bowl  Jan 2, 8:30pm  Stanford vs. Oklahoma State – Should be a great game here.  When in doubt, go with conference strength.  Oklahoma State has beaten much better teams this year than Stanford has, so that's why I'll take the Pokes.  Tough to bet against Luck though.

BCS Sugar Bowl   Jan 3, 8:30pm   Michigan vs. Virginia Tech – I think this is a tough matchup for the Hokies. This Michigan offense has athletes like Clemson does, and the front 7 will have their hands full with Denard Robinson. I think the Hokies will play much better offensively, and there may be a shootout. But with the risk of being tarred and feathered by our great viewers, I'll take Michigan.

BCS Orange Bowl Jan 4, 8:30pm  West Virginia vs. Clemson – Clemson wins, West Virginia is not good.

Cotton Bowl   Jan 6, 8pm  Kansas State vs. Arkansas – Another high scoring game here, I don't believe either team will stop the other. Arkansas's only losses were against the two teams in the national championship game, so they could argue they're the third best team in the country.  They're not, but they could argue that.  I'm taking the Hogs.

BBVA Compass Bowl   Jan 7, 1pm  SMU vs. Pittsburgh – By this time, Pitt will have their sixth coach in 14 months. That's a sad college football experience for those upperclassmen.  I'll take Pittsburgh, because I feel bad for them.

Godaddy.com Bowl  Jan 8, 9pm Arkansas State vs. Northern Illinois – Northern Illinois, I guess.

BCS National Championship Jan 9, 8:30pm LSU vs. Alabama – Call me absolutely crazy, but I don't think LSU is unbeatable.  There, I said it.  They obviously deserve to be number one, but I don't think they're so good that they're beyond having a bad game. I would have loved to see them play a high-scoring offense because I don't think their offense could hang. Alabama has the best offensive player in this game, Trent Richardson. Last game was a coin flip game, and I think this one will be too.  So let's say Alabama takes it this time.

What do you think is the best bowl game?