Man gets life for defrauding Richmond's Defense Supply Center

Charles Roger Day
Charles Roger Day

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The mastermind of an international conspiracy that began right here in central Virginia will spend the rest of his life behind bars. Charles Roger Day was sentenced to 105 years today at the federal courthouse.

He ripped off the US military, smuggled gold out of the country and even supplied the Department of Defense (DOD) with defective equipment. The government says he could have endangered the lives of our troops.

Behind the brick walls on Jeff Davis is an agency that supplies our armed forces with aviation weapons systems. It handles 3.6 billion a year in products and services, and Roger Charles Day bilked this agency and others of defense out of millions.

Day created fake companies and bid on contracts at the Defense Supply Center of Richmond. He won nearly a thousand contracts, worth. 4.4 million. He even shipped the department of defense defective products. He tried to hide some of the money by turning it into $2.2 million in gold bars and coins. At one point he even had co-conspirators try to smuggle the gold into Mexico. They hid it in the modified bumper of a 1979 Toyota Landcruiser.

Day was captured in Cancun, Mexico after a story aired on America's Most Wanted.

He argued in court today that the government's bidding process is flawed and that he should never have been charged with a crime.

Judge John Gibney disagreed. He called Mr. Day a thief and said what he did was "absolutely vile".

Gibney speculated because of the bogus equipment given to the DOD, "somebody's life was put in jeopardy or a tactical or strategic plan by our military was put in danger."

Richmond's Defense Supply Center also weighed in on the heavy sentence today.

A spokesperson said, "We are happy to see that justice was served in the Roger Day case. This was not just justice for the Defense Logistics Agency Aviation, but for the American public at large."

The government changed its estimates late this afternoon and now believes Mr. Day stole more than 6.2 million dollars. He's been ordered to pay restitution. Day's attorney already plans to appeal the verdict and sentence.

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