Shoplifting crimes up in part of Metro-Richmond

RICHMOND & CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) -- Stores are bustling with holiday shoppers this season, but they are also apparently filled with shoplifters.

Several areas are seeing an increase during the past month in shoplifters compared to this same time last year.

Gigi Wall of Lex's of Carytown tells us her store has been dealing with recent shoplifting attempts, too.  "The number one deterrent to shoplifting is customer service. We take a lot of time to talk with employees to know what signs of shoplifters are," says Gigi.

That's not the only thing this store does to stop the stealing. There is always a large staff working and camera's line the store.

One of the newest security measures in this store are these mirrors. It allows employees to see behind the racks where shoplifters do most of their work.

Lex's also works with other Carytown stores -- to identity shoplifters. "If one store thinks of knows they have a shoplifter, by the time that person gets out of the store, everyone in Carytown knows and is on the lookout with a great description."

It's all an attempt to reverse this recent trend. Take a look at the numbers. In the past month -- shoplifting is up in Richmond compared to the same time last year. The same is true in Chesterfield.

But Chesterfield PD say that's not necessarily a bad thing. "It reflects on the success of loss prevention officers in these stores," says Capt. David Stone with the Chesterfield Police Department.

Gigi simply hopes the safety measures here -- will keep the holiday grinches' away.

The number of shoplifters in Henrico is actually down the past month, compared to this time last year.