What Lincoln is Thinkin' - Bow Down to Tebow

It seems like everyone has an opinion about Tim Tebow.  But more importantly, it seems like everyone has an opinion about everyone's opinion about Tim Tebow.

He was a polarizing figure at Florida for many of the same reasons why he's a polarizing figure now.  But there was a prevailing thought that people didn't like him in college because people didn't like the University of Florida - and the Gators were beating "your" team so it was okay for you not to like him.

But really, the way he put his emotions and his religion on his sleeve was unlike anything we had seen in a long time in a sports.  Remember his rant after the loss to Ole Miss? (No one will work harder than me, no one will work harder than this team, yadda yadda yadda) Instead of that coming off as a great leader motivating his team, the overall reaction was.. "Who does this guy think he is?"

And when he was on a mission to Africa to help circumcise young boys over his spring break, instead of being impressed by the maturity and values of this young man, the overall reaction was.. "Who does this guy think he is?"

Never wavering in his self-confidence, Tebow has stepped into the starting role from the Broncos and literally willed them to the top of the AFC West standings.

Some say because he lives his life in the glory of God, he's being rewarded by a higher power and being helped to victory.   But I'm sure there were players on the Raiders, Chiefs, Dolphins, Jets, and the other teams he's beat who are religiously devout.

I also don't believe that because he's a good Christian and that he wears his religion on his sleeve is the reason why people don't like him.

I think there are two main reasons why he's polarizing -

1. He defies sports logic.  There are two different types of sports fans out there - those that love the x's and o's, and love to break down defenses, and understand what's a good play to run on 3rd and 15.  Those fans (mostly gamblers, television analysts, and former players) hate Tim Tebow.  Any one of them can tell you why he shouldn't be a good quarterback - his mechanics, his arm strength, etc.  Also, they will tell you that the Broncos have beaten bad teams and that the other team has found out ways to lose games.  Or they'll say that he's just been lucky, and that other teams will learn to find a way to beat Tebow.  The reality is, it's a lot harder to define how a team lost a game, rather than how a team won a game.

The rest of the fans, the ones that love the unknown in sports, the drama of crazy endings, and the belief that there are more ways than one to do just about everything, think Tim Tebow is great.  Because he takes logic, and throws it out the window.  And people who don't like to know what's going to happen before it happens, think this is great.

2. People love to tear down those who are better than them.  Tebow seems like a truly great young man.  As flawless an athlete as we've ever seen.  Do we wish he was our guy?  Hell Yeah.  But he's on another team? Well I hope he gets busted for pot.  That's sports fans in America.  Nice guys are supposed to finish last... and right now he's showing he can do what it takes to finish first.

My take, is that I think he's great for football.  I love the drama he creates, and it will continue even if the Broncos lose to the Patriots this weekend.  Anti-Tebow people will say that it's the defense and running game that has led Denver to these victories and not Tebow.  But you can't argue that the change occurred in this team when Tebow became the starter.

Now instead of asking "Who does this guy think he is," or even "Who does this guy think he can be" we should just stop asking these questions all together.  Because the answers defy logic anyway.

Let me know what you're thinkin' about Tim Tebow.