NTSB recommends cell phone driving ban

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Today, the NTSB made a drastic move, recommending an all-out cell phone ban while driving, except during emergencies.

Tonight, many people are sounding off about that recommendation and we find out, it is something that might be difficult to pass here in the Commonwealth.

Sitting behind the steering wheel for hours each day is Reggie Clark's job. A job sometimes made tougher dodging drivers chatting and swerving all over the road.

"It's a distraction and they don't even know it is a distraction most of the time," said Reggie.

It wasn't hard to see what Reggie is talking about. It took us no longer than 5 minutes on Broad Street to find several drivers talking on the phone. Some even distracted by our camera, while talking and driving.

So now, the NTSB recommends no hands free, no hand held, except in emergencies.

"The last thing people need to be doing is talking or texting while driving it's such a distraction," added Reggie.

Driver Jenna Ortiz isn't buying it. She wants lawmakers to keep their hands off it all. "They should not try to tell us we can not use our phones. They control everything else, so let us have this."

In Virginia -- you already can not text and drive and if you're under 18 -- hands free or not, you can't talk and drive.

A lot of us driving down the road say hey, lets use a blue-tooth, that way everything is hands-free. Well, you might as well take those blue-tooth and throw them out the window because under these new recommendations, you won't be able to use one.

As you can imagine, this is driving up quite the stir. Our Facebook page lit up in less than 20 minutes with more than 100 strong opinions, ranging all over the map.

We found out from some experts tonight, that trying to pass something like this in Virginia would be difficult, because of the way lawmakers have voted on similar issues in the past.

GPS are still allowed under the recommendations by the NTSB.

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