Visits to doctor bring friends closer together

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – We're paying it forward to a couple of Richmond guys who go back more than 50 years. They both graduated from Armstrong, joined the Air Force and both had jobs with Phillip Morris. In their retirement, major injury has brought them even closer with frequent trips together to the doctor. Their phenomenal friendship is the focus of this week's Acts of Kindness. 

Several decades have passed since Cecil Martin and Jesse Oliver first met. Time and circumstance have slowed them down, but not taken them out of the game.

"You know if you're an amputee, you're an amputee. It's not a death sentence. Just keep getting up," said Jessie.

These guys stay on the go, several times a week Cecil takes his friend to the gym or doctor's visits at the VA Hospital.

"He helps me get in the car, and gives me rides around to different appointments that I have. Very helpful, very helpful. I don't know what I'd do without him," said Jessie. "In my condition now I need all the help I can get."

Jesse says while his girlfriend helps a lot, he depends on his buddy Cecil for the heavy lifting.

"He's been a lifesaver. He's been god sent and we really do appreciate everything he's done, from the bottom of my heart," Jessie's friend Dorothy Coles said.

All it takes they say is a phone call, and Cecil who keeps a pager ready for his friend alerts, is right there.

"Not only does he help me, but he helps other people also. He's just that kind of guy," Jessie told us.

"He takes me to the doctor constantly, takes my daughter, who has lupus and kidney disease," said Dirscell Jones.

"He's always been there for me and my family," Dirscell's daughter Tracey said.

"They just don't make them like that anymore," Dirscell added.

Dirscell Jones told us about Cecil. She's known him 13 years.

SABRINA: "What does it mean to you, the kind of help that he provides you?"
DIRSCELL: "He's so remarkable. I just felt like somebody needed to do something for him and he doesn't lock for anything in return so I wanted to do something special for him."

We wanted to surprise him, but Cecil was watching from the house.

DIRSCELL: "Oh we are busted. (Laughs)"
SABRINA: "First of all, I'm gonna give you this…$100, $200, $300."

As we made our way to the house, Dirscell said Cecil was taking her to the doctor that afternoon.

DIRSCELL: "He says, 'what is going on?'"
SABRINA: "Cecil Martin, you are our Act of Kindness recipient."

Cecil wasn't quite sure what to think or say, except…

CECIL: "Thank you."
DIRSCELL: "For all the remarkable things you do, we want to make sure you have some gas money to carry us back and forth to the doctor."
CECIL: "Thank you"
DIRSCELL: "$100, $200, $300."
CECIL: "Alright."
DIRSCELL: "Thank you for all you do."
CECIL: "Thank you."

More a man of action than words, Cecil teared up talking about his good deeds.

CECIL: "One day I might need help...somebody might help me...that's all."
SABRINA: "You're really moved by this gesture?"
CECIL: I'm moved that I'm able to do things for other people. Yeah."

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