Democrats support two-term governor

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) –Virginia is the only state in America where the governor cannot run for re-election. Governor Bob McDonnell has long supported the idea of allowing the Commonwealth's chief executive to run for a second term. And today the idea got a boost from Democrats in the general assembly.

The Democratic house minority unveiled a proposal to allow the Governor to serve two consecutive terms. This has been proposed many times in the past, but could never muster the support to amend the state constitution. Delegate Bob Brink is hopeful this upcoming session might move things along.

"What we need to do is stretch the horizon for the governor, so he isn't a lame duck the second he takes his hand off the Bible. So that he can make greater plans that stretch beyond merely the four year horizon we have now," said Bob Brink (D) Arlington.

Allowing the governor a second term would require a constitutional amendment, and that is not easy.

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